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  • I have turned to Jeff Henn and Equitable Acceptance Corporation for finance services for some 15 years, and EAC provides my customers with exceptional service. Thanks to EAC, my customers are happy, and my business has continued to grow!  Thanks EAC!

  • For the past 18 years, I have been using Equitable Acceptance Corporation for customers who wish to finance their purchase of the Rainbow Cleaning System, a high end vacuum cleaning system. EAC has been very helpful in all manners of processing our sales. In fact, they have become the only company we use to finance our sales.

  • CITERRA Finance and Equitable Acceptance Corporation have had a positive and longstanding relationship that began in 2014.  CITERRA Finance creates loans for patients who request medical loans for procedures and treatments not covered by insurance.  Equitable Acceptance Corporation acquires and services the loans we make with utmost professionalism. EAC supports our commitment to the principles of equality, opportunity, and respect.

  • My company sells stainless steel cookware via in-home cooking demonstrations, and have used EAC for customer financing since the late 1990’s.
    EAC has always treated me right, and Don and Jeff Henn stick to their word. In fact, I have never met anyone in the cookware business who was treated unfairly by them.
    My customers receive great customer service, and I am always paid in a timely manner. Plus, Dwight and the rest of his crew that I deal with are very friendly and helpful.
    Equitable Acceptance is a great company and they are wonderful to work with.