Equitable Acceptance Corporation (EAC) is an indirect finance company, based in Minnesota, providing exceptional service to small businesses and independent dealers nationally whose customers require credit services.


EAC does not sell products or services directly to consumers, though we may acquire the consumer’s debt obligation from the salespersons and dealers who sold the service or product, including quality home goods, educational software, and uninsured medical and dental services.

As a result, the consumer makes his or her payments directly to Equitable Acceptance Corporation, rather than the business from which they originally purchased products or services.

EAC is not a credit card company, nor are we a bank. We are a national, indirect finance company that is reputable, experienced, and proud to provide our services to our large and diverse customer base.

EAC was founded on the premise of providing the highest level of service to our customers

Founded in 1965 by Donald Henn, our mission was clear: Provide finance services to businesses whose customers are in need of credit, and provide superior customer service to our customers. That mission is personal to those who work at EAC. In 1984, Don’s son, Jeff, assumed the helm, and continues to build the company with the same integrity and enthusiasm inspired by his father.

Simply put, Equitable Acceptance Corporation remains committed to providing superior finance services to all of our customers by tailoring programs designed to fit their needs. This allows the consumers who, for example, hire a service to help them consolidate their student loans, or purchase high quality home products through independent sales dealers, to do so through affordable monthly payments.

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